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NAFA is no stranger to the Martial Arts.

NAFA designed and produced The North American Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu Jitsu Trials in 2009 and 2010.

NAFA President Master Renato Tavares has associate schools world wide.  Master Renato Tavares currently a 5th degree BJJ black belt and received his first black belt from one of the most respected men in the history of BJJ Carlson Gracie Sr., in fact one of the creators of BJJ.

NAFA has decided to move forward in a direction that has become a major concern of ours as well as MMA fighters, managers, coaches, commissions, fans and the general public. We are now in the business of producing MMA events, developing fighters, and consulting with managers, coaches, gyms and Academies globally. First and foremost  we believe there should be equality for the fighters in all aspects for the sport.  These warriors train harder and longer than it takes to get a college degree, and yet they go unrecognized, under appreciated  and under paid by those very people that profit from them. To put this in prospective, It is much easier to get a license to promote MMA than to train to be the best competitor in the business.  We are not saying all promoters treat fighters this way but  there are many that do.

This can be attested to through our Chief Financial Officer John Schmidt.

John Managed Pro MMA fighters under Starfire Management.  John can personally attest to the inadequate financial offers presented to the fighters, contracts being renegotiated after the fight, returned checks and simply put, total none payment to the fighters.  That means there is a substantial amount of time and effort spent dealing with commissions, states attorneys offices and even lawyers to collect the money that was agreed upon in the contract.  It is up to you as the fighter, the coach, manager or match maker to verify the money is secure for our fighters.  Remember even though a promotion company may be bonded, that doesn’t mean there is enough money in the bond to pay all the fighters on the card.

“We are offering our services to all promotion companies that want and have the desire to treat all fighters fairly, honestly and make sure fighters receive a pay check worthy of the time these fighters have invested in their development as a MMA fighter.” John E. Schmidt

NAFA offers their services to gyms, schools and academies world wide to help develop their business into a successful enterprise that fully supports the financial side of their business, enhances their fighters and competitors growth, AND  identify those promoters that are not treating their pro fighters with the respect and financial earnings they deserve. We are offering our services to managers to help them, help their fighters reach their full financial potential. It is our desire  to work with everyone involved in the growth of this industry to get on track and protect our fighters and competitors first and foremost.

Which brings us to the third element and new partner and Vice President in NAFA Ms Lui Spedaliere.  Lui is based out of Sydney Australia. Lui is a Promoter, publicist, Independent PR agent for major celebrity talent, former record label and tour owner and an advocate to fairness in business etiquette.  Lui works with national and international talent and it is through this experience and knowledge that she has been asked to join the luminaries of MMA President Master Renato Tavares and Chief Financial Officer John E. Schmidt to make a change to protect fighters in the world of MMA.

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